Who to take

10 team PPR. 2 keepers per team. I pick #10. I have Gurley as a keeper in the 1st and K. Hunt as my 4th. (both with wk 12 byes) So my 1st pick is at #11. Based on who was kept around the league, when I pick at 11 I think my best avail would be:
RBs - Freeman, Shady, McKinnon, Howard
WRs - Allen, AJ, Adams, Evans
TE - Gronk

Do I grab a 3rd RB to fill my flex and then go WR/WR in the 3rd & 5th which would probably leave me looking at Baldwin/Cooper/Tate as my WR1. My thoughts were if I take a RB and run with a Baldwin/Cooper/Tate option as my WR1 I would target Edelman later for the volume when he gets back.

Having a 3rd top 12 RB is definitely a pretty good advantage. But the only one I would consider taking that you listed there as a 1st is Freeman. But I don’t have Freeman ranked above Allen so I would likely be going Allen. WOuld rank as follows:

Allen > Freeman > AJ > Adams > Gronk