Who to target in return for Mack

I’m stacked at RB and looking to make a move for Mack. Potential targets I believe I could get straight up:

E Sanders

Current roster:
Cousins, Winston
Barkley, Hunt, KJ, Chubb, A Jones, Mack, D Cook
Diggs, TY, Boyd, J Brown

What about packaging Mack+Cook or Mack+Chubb for a stud WR? that would significantly boost your points production alongside Diggs

Could do that just really like having serious depth at RB. On the table though. Who of those would you target if trading straight up?

I think you would have to take a look at each player’s upcoming schedule and see which one’s are the most favourable right now.

I’m thinking Gronk or Kupp.

Speaking with the Juju owner this morning, he is sorta checked out. I believe I could make a move on him with Mack. Also believe Gronk is on the table.

Which would you guys go after, considering my roster?

Please update us on how it goes, I’ll be shopping Mack as well.

Considering my lineup above, would you target Gronk or Juju? I’m torn and haven’t officially approached either owner yet.

Juju personally, I love Gronk as much as any other Pats fan but OJ Howard is the real deal imo.
The Pats have no problem using Gronk as a decoy when he isn’t 100%, I don’t think he’ll be 100% any time soon.
I’ve enjoyed using Juju this year and adding him to your current team all of your starters can win you a game by going off and have an above average chance at doing so.

That was my thought too. I have to overcome my Gronk obsession. Juju is the better target here. Thanks and i’ll keep you posted.

Hope you farewell, too.

I would definitely have gone for JuJu! (Especially after watching the Patriots just now struggling with the Bills)