Who to trade for an RB1?

I had all intentions of trying to package Mayfield and Juju together for an RB1 about a week or 2 ago but hesitated… and now after this past week…
** (Mayfield has never looked like a hot pickup but some in my league may need a QB to get them through a bye week… )
** Juju now down to a 3rd string QB

12 team, 1/2 PPR league

My current WR are Michael Thomas, Amari Cooper, Juju, Sammy Watkins, Will Fuller
My current RB are Phillip Lindsay, Ronald Jones, Frank Gore, Rashaad Penny

Mayfield not my every week QB since I have Lamar Jackson but I think I need to get an RB1… my league may have some takers for Watkins but most are too smart to bite on Juju, especially now.

I’m really just curious as to who would I should put up to get someone to trade an RB1… I am not against doing a 2 for 1 either for an elite RB1 but…

your best bet is to go after someone like carson and try to dump juju, sammy, or fuller. try to package someone together for him. If youre looking for a top tier rb1 you’re going to have to pay. thomas/cooper + others.