Who too start?

Standard 10 team
I have D Murray, K Hunt, and Montgomery as my Rb 1, 2 and flex. I have Jordy as my Wr 1
So I ask do I play A Jeffery or M Bryant as my Wr2
Jeffery vs chiefs
Bryant vs Vikings

I think Jeffery’s because of the loss of Berry. Though Bryant at home… I see your conundrum.

Yeah exactly! It’s a really tough decision considering they both got 6 and 7 targets last week and going agains tough defenses:confused:
I think the safest play is Jeffery but the upside with Bryant at home with Vikings top corner on AB and that d line trying to contain bell, I just see a nice bomb down field to Bryant as a real possibility

Both good options but Jeffrey is a #1 so my lean is that way but it’s v close