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Who wants to make a Quick 10 or 12 man fun league?


Who wants to throw together a 10-12 team league and draft today… dont care about format or where it takes place… Just looking to have fun and enjoy some football with fun people…

Im just trying to play some Fantasy Football yo


Im down to play bro. Im interested in doing a keeper league. What do you think?


never done a keeper league and ive always wanted to do one… im down for who ever wants to set it up


Im up for doing a keeper league!


awesome! Id love to get at least 10 teams if we can. 12 is ideal. But we might have to wait to draft until after the games today. I suppose thats ok. What do you guys think? Im down to set it up on ESPN. What are yalls emails?


Yeh, ESPN is good for me. Ill pm you my email.


Yeah im down i’ll DM my email


Just sent invites. Hopefully we can find at least 7 more people to join


Got it thanx


If theres a spot open ill take it. When is the draft?

edit: Email sent to maybe the right person?? lol. Im in to play either way. can we draft around 5:15 PST?

Hmmm, saw snake draft but now i see a FAB budget what kind of draft is this OP?


Sorry i got caught up with something… I passed you email on to the person running the league you should be getting the invite soon


I’d play. Sent email.


Did u fill the league?


Looks like there is still 5 spots to make a 12 teamer


I want in markhale0829@gmail.com


@danielshepherd is organizing this


Not gonna lie im super stoked for this lol


Ok thanks bro


Ive never used espn before, will be interesting. Also never drafted after season has started. will be interesting to see what last night does for kareem hunt and gillislees adp


I’ll tell u one thing the price is going way up😂