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Who wants to make a Quick 10 or 12 man fun league?


It was one game… He can still bust lol… Who else remembers Jonas Gray and his 40 point night lol


There is a difference though, Hunt actually looks the part and his college tape backs up what he did last night even more


I’ll send all the new invites in a couple hours


If you’re still looking for guys I’m down for whatever kind of league. My email is bgbakerj@gmail.com


Yea, i think the pats had a bad night, lost some defensive pieces and it was the perfect storm for Hunt. he could be a strong rb1 play but i dont think he leapfrogs bell and johnson


just sent you an invite


Bump for one more entry


If its a paid league (any $ amount) I’d be interested

especially if its keeper



1 more person needed


Just a couple quick questions. When would the draft be and how are the keepers going to work.


We have 12 teams now… And i’ll be honest I have no idea how we are doing the keepers


I’m down for any way we wanna do it. I’ve been in leagues where you pick three guys to keep free and clear and just draft from the rest of the pool. And I’ve done leagues where you have to give up picks for your keepers.


usually keepers come in after the first season, and the way i think is preferred is to give up the round you drafted that keeper in. i.e. if you took tyreek hill in round 6 this year, next year to keep him you would have to give up a 6th round pick.

League is full lets get the draft scheduled and get everyone into the chat so we can clarify rules. I have a buddy who is co managing my team (as indicated by the member list on espn). as for the scoring looks like its half ppr, how does dst scoring work for fantasy? If you have a guy like lockett or tyreek hill who returns punts, on your roster, does the player score the points or does the dst score the points? Sorry, never used ESPN before not sure how similar it is to yahoo.


We need to set this draft time now… im good for when ever I think


Does espn start scoring this week or next with a draft before sunday?