Who wants to rate this team?

12th pick in a full ppr.


diontae johnson
corey davis



For an early te team I don’t mind it especially back of the first.

Full ppr and ekeler will be exceptionally valuable as will Kelce at TE.

But I think you’ve taken too many stabs at breakout wr though. But if one or more hits you can’t complain. This is the part that will make or break the team. If they hit you’re set to push forward, but if you’re unlucky it could be your problem area even though I think WR1 and 2 will be volatile but safe plays.

Overall I’ll go b. It’s good and potentially could be really good.

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Great points on the WRs. Usually never go TE that early but never had kelce on a team, hoping for a difference maker.

Appreciate it

It could have been a contender if you hadn’t wasted an early pick on a TE.

I like it. Pittman and Mooney could break out. If not you have Evans and Diontae and can rely on plenty of volume for Davis/Gage. Ideally, you get the break out and then can trade some of your WR depth for a QB (or just commit to streaming) or RB depth/upgrade.