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Who will be better in 2018, D. Henry or Doctson


Who will be the higher overal fantasy player in 2018 and beyond?


Derrick Henry


I think that Henry will be a solid top 10 RB … in 2018. He has some value this year, but really should flourish post DeMarco.

Doctson has a lot more question marks. He is very talented but hasn’t played much due to injury. He has a very capable QB … for now. And that is the big worry for long term success. Remember, Deandre Hopkins was in consideration for top WR until bad QB play.


Do you think this is Murray’s final season?


Derrick Henry. Who knows who’s going to be the QB in Washington the next 5+ years. I think Henry is in a great situation for the future. Run first team, good offense, and Murray is 29 and I believe the team can cut him after this year and save $13 million. Henry could own that backfield in a couple years.


Yes, I think he is done in Tennessee after this year.