Who will be better to own for playoffs?

I’m doing some planning for my playoff roster, and I’m looking at 3 main guys for a flex spot:

Gus Edwards

  • Week 15 against TB
  • Week 16 against LAC

D.J. Moore

  • Week 15 against NO
  • Week 16 against ATL

Which one is better to keep if I can’t keep both? Which one is more viable if players return from injury? (Flacco and Funchess)

Josh Reynolds is another option I’m considering.

DJ and Gus both have great ROY schedules.

I think DJ is more game proof. CAM is going to have to pass pass pass to keep in with NO. Gus is great but not a pass catcher so he could have a bad game pretty easy.

I like Josh better than DJ but I like DJ’s schedule better.

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@Windowlicker pretty much nailed my response. I would lean into Gus, though, as it is hard to find RBs that could take the production he is seeing this late, and there are more WRs out there who could bust out. Because of difficulty to find another player at that position, I would take Gus.

But none of this is a slam dunk choice, but the RB scarcity is where I give him the nudge.

I’ve pretty much been under the same frame of thought concerning Gus as @Windowlicker made mention of. He’s a FABULOUS RB, but just not one you can count on in a passing emergency, which is what makes a truly FABULOUS RB!!!

BUT… @octoberland…that’s a great point you brought up:

DEFINITELY some food for thought there!!! :thinking:

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I get it. I mean, he is looking good now, but he has been run dependent. I believe that L Jackson has made that more possible for him. Should he lose the QB gig back to JF, then I am not sure Gus works so well. But, all we know is what we know today. And for me, I think that puts Gus in a pretty good spot for now through playoffs. And if it does not, there are likely WRs you can grab to fill the gap.

To add another wrinkle, given your available player list you might want to look at Josh Adams. PHI does not have a clean a schedule, but he is looking productive as well.