Who Wins? Hopkins Dynasty Trade

10 team 0.5 ppr dynasty league

Team A receives: Hopkins, Vance McDonald, Darren Waller, 2021 1st

Team B receives: Juju, Kittle, Byron Pringle

Pretty even trade, initially i would say the Hopkins side: Hopkins has proven his abilities for multiple years and Watson is going to be there for a while longer, juju/kittle both stars but now have alot going on for change over can juju be the true #1 and how long does big ben play?/can kittle garner as many targets with all those WR there now?

so it breaks down like this
Vance+2021st </= kittle
waller and pringle are none factors at this point

if juju and kittle remain the same or go up that side of the trade wins

:exploding_head:I don’t want to choose. :joy: