Who wins in this trade ? My team is 3-4 and I need to make changes

Hey guys I really need help in this trade. I give Big Ben, Duke, and Marvin Jones and I get Cam and Abdullah. Is it worth doing to get a better QB ?

This is a .5 PPR League.
My other RBs are LeSean McCoy, Marshawn Lynch, Dion Lewis, Orleans Darkwa, Jamaal Charles
My other WRs are Michael Thomas , Emmanuel Sanders , Devin Funchess, Sammy Watkins

Duke is better than Abdoullah. So you would basically be trading Jones and Big Ben for Cam. I honestly dont think its worth it. with Big Ben I would look at streaming QB’s ROS

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Thanks for the input ! I’m in a league where for some reason everyone holds onto 2 QBs which is super annoying and makes streaming QBs difficult. The way I was looking at it is that Duke is better than Abullah , Cam is better than Big Ben , and Jones will be irrelevant once Tate is back so I added him to push the trade.

Dont forget that Jones has been his endzone target for the year. I wouldnt write him off as irrelevant just because Tate comes back

That’s true. Is there any other RBs I could offer instead of Duke ?

I like duke over Johnson over abdullabhy far, as in, he’s actually usable in your lineups. and use Ben at home games. Stream the guys that look and sound terrible but with the best matchup. Might seem like there isn’t anyone, but go back and look. Might even be 2 guys every week on waivers get 15-20plus. Cam MIGHT be an upgrade… right? Try and sell marshawns name for a top performing middle of road no name qb that people don’t have the world of faith in like a Tyrod for schedule or cousins Wentz or to someone who is hurting for rb spot

I would see if he would bite on Marshawn

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