Who wins this Dynasty trade (Luck)

Team A: Luck, Edelman, Reed
Team B: Marshawn, Cobb, Jordy

Dynasty League PPR passing TDs 6

Team A wins the trade on paper today. Luck’s value could skyrocket. It is highly unlikely that Marshawn, Cobb or Jordy’s value increases significantly.

However, it is entirely possible that Marshawn, Cobb, and Jordy help help a team score more points in 2018.

This trade looks like Cobb for Luck with assets on either side attached. Luck vs Cobb. I’d favor Cobb. He’s in his prime and we know he’s coming back to the field with a relationship tied to the best qb in the game. I don’t think Luck will ever be the same if he does play. Jordy and Marshawn can win this season compared to Reed and Edelman. You can also flip one of those two guys for a couple draft picks or a young guy a couple years away from development. Team B wins

jesus this one is hard haha. do you want old and busted (minus cobb) or do you want the injury squad? i think im taking B. an NFL starting RB (although maybe just barely depending on might mouse) a WR2, and a WR2 VS a guy who hasnt thrown a ball in 2 years, glass law WR who could be a high end WR2, and another glass jaw in Reed, who has potential to be top 5 TE. even though its dynasty, im always trying to win now. and i think team B gives you a better chance to win now. next year maybe not so much, but these are all replaceable pieces anyway. well, except for luck depending on if he comes back as luck.

For a dynasty I think you take A for sure. Although I agree I can easily seam team B scoring more this year, I can’t imagine you being disappointed with Luck long term. Lunch isn’t nearly as valuable in ppr leagues And Edelman is probably the best player out of everyone one above in the short term. Take the chance on the injuries

Lynch** and it looks like team A was burned pretty badly last year and wants to forget all about it

Well now that Edelman is facing a 4 game suspension, it’s B for sure for me. Luck might not be the same or might not play, Reed might have another injury riddled season.

yep, the risk with edelman just got worse as he will (pending his appeal) be out for 4 games, AND has an injury history to him. i appreciate edelman making my point for me in such a timely manner lol.