Who wins this dynasty trade?


I would want to be on the Penny side

He’s offering penny and a first now but he hasn’t sent the proposal. I’m being patient.

Obviously all the Lev stuff could change the values, but I don’t love Conner’s long term value over a first round pick

if you are CJ you are getting the better end

Take this and run.

I love Conner’s future as Bell is not long for the Steelers past this season and he is much better than he has shown in the past. He was recovering from beating cancer for God sakes. That being said i go penny. He’s still got good future outlook outside of the short term, plus draft capital.

Great story. Not something I’m basing fantasy decisions off of. When bell leaves, no telling whether they draft a new guy or sign an FA. Conner doesn’t have that job locked up at all.

He sent two.

One with Guice and one with Penny. We lean Penny right?

Guice. Guice immediately.

Guice. Guice plus picks is greater than conner. No doubt. about.


Looking to bolster my RB Corp. Is crowell for a first too pricey? I have (3) 2019 1sts. What other holes in my lineup should I cover?

I’d take Penny over Conner straight up. No brainer for me