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Who wins this OBJ trade?


Standard scoring league. Was offered Odell Beckham Jr., Ty Montgomery and Amari Cooper for Dez Bryant and Todd Gurley.

My RBs would then be Melvin Gordon, Doug Martin, Ty Montgomery and Alex Collins.

WRs would be Antonio Brown, OBJ, Tyreek Hill, Chris Hogan, Amari Cooper.

What do you think? Am I just excited for the star I don’t have, or is this a good trade for me?


Man what I really see that deal is for is OBJ for Gurley. I don’t think I would do that. I know Gurley has to come back to earth eventually with his tough schedule but I’d have a hard time letting him go now. OBJ would need to show a lot more befor I would take that trade. Cooper is a Pooper and no one really knows exactly what Ty is gonna do. GreenBay doesn’t like running the balk anyway.
I would hold off on that one. Stay in the flame till Gurley let’s you down.