Who wins this trade boys?

What’s up footclan, who do you think wins this trade?

12 man Dynasty, Full PPR

Team A : Lev Bell and Hunter Henry
Team B : Amari Cooper and Trey Burton

I like the Bell/Henry side.


I’d actually be on that end, and am really thinking about pulling the trigger. My big thing is not knowing how Bell is going to succeed in NY, but no one has a crystal ball. We’ve seen what happend to Gurley and DJ with bad OLines, and the Jets GM is saying he “doesn’t want to tire Bell out, which is why I use multiple backs”. Amari is going to be in the league for years to come, and if he clicks with Dak and the playbook on the offseason, he could explode into a serious force. Henry is obviously an upgrade from Burton. @jryp17

im not concerned for bell!
of course oline is a downgrade, but the workload and talent is there!
gase also said he looking forward to use him as everydown horse…maybe they don’t want to tire him out but it will happen anyway…i really see/imagine a shitload of checkdowns from darnold to him!

henry and burton as you said is a really nice upgrade

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The Bell/ Henry side wins pretty handily. Cooper is still boom bust in Dallas.

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@stoni_duetto Yeah, Bell is just so good, but t’s still scary with that OLine. If they pick up some great picks in the draft, it could definitely turn things around, and I assume that’s what they’re going to do after they’ve invested so much in the Bell cow!

Thanks for the input!

@Dufranus age and dynasty is the deciding factor here.

Def happy I made the trade, we’ll see how it turns out!

I feel that on the age. I hope it works out for you.

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Bell/Henry for me easily.

But I’m not a big Burton fan, I like Hunter a lot. Amari and Lev are sort of a push in a weird way. Amari will be great and we saw what he can do, Bell we aren’t 100% sure but I’m pretty sure he will become Darnolds best friend.

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@matt_broniec agreed, I pulled the trigger.