Who wins this trade for the 1.01?

1.01 (Jacobs or Harry), Mike Williams, and RSJ


Pettis, Cohen, Ebron, Josh Adams

I think it might be slightly higher for the one receiving the 1.01. Fair trade overall though! If RSJ was your only tight end, then that was a huge upgrade. Adams is slightly drop worthy as they drafted a great RB to run with Howard. Cohen took a hit as the bears drafted what could be the 2nd best if not a chance at the best rookie back from this season… in “fantasy perspective”. If Jacobs turns into a Saquan then you lost but other than that pick being a little more valuable its a great trade.

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I’m actually trading up for the 1.01 to get Jacobs. I also have the 1.04, so will be taking a big WR at that position.

I feel it’s fair, and my team is in need of another reliable RB (Jacobs), or top WR for production. My other TE is Hunter Henry. I’m still kind of in between on the trade though.

Here’s my squad, you have to click the image to see the whole thing.

I much prefer the 1.01 (Jacobs) and Mike Williams side of the deal.

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Yeah, seeing that Ebron is going to lose a lot of targets to Funchess, Cohen is going to lose snaps to the Davis and Montgomery, and 49rs taking a stack of WR’s, I’m feelin good about it. Especially with Crowell out for the foreseeable future.

Only guy Im really going to miss is Pettis, I have high hopes for that kid.


1.01 side by a long shot for me.

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I like the 1.01 side

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The players.

1.01 is really nice, but I don’t put much value at all in Williams or RSJ. And I know Ebron is unlikely to repeat last year’s performance, but if the TE’s continue to underperform league wide (and I think it might get even worse), then Ebron is great value with Cohen and Pettis thrown in. Pretty fare trade, I just don’t think Williams and RSJ are really worth anything compared to the other guys involved.

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@GarbageTime update, I traded the 1.01 and my 2020 2nd for Karryon and Hunt :metal:

Whoever got the 1.01 wins this in a landslide

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