Who wins this trade? Gronk/Melvin Gordon

Team one receives: Gronk, Jordan Howard, Tyler Lockett
Team two receives: Melvin Gordon, Royce Freeman, Jared Cook

Team 1. But ultimately depends on how your roster is constructed.

I would agree with team 1.

So I would be team 2 on this. I am only considering because I have no RB depth. Current team is
RB: DJ, Drake, Howard
WR: Baldwin, Fitz, Kupp, Boyd, Corey Davis, Westbrook
TE: Gronk

Not sure what to do with this team to make it better lol open to any suggestions

bump. Looking to make some moves today

What is the league scoring?

Full PPR sir

If you could get Gordon without giving up Gronk somehow, I think that would be your best bet. Maybe DJ/Lockett for Gordon/Freeman, if you can pull that off. I feel strongly that Gordon will continue to beat out DJ for the rest of the year. If you got Gordon with Howard and Drake, you may not even need Freeman too.

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Im not sure he will go for giving up Gordon without Gronk. He is not high on DJ sadly. Wonder if he would do Howard and Lockett for Gordon

If he’d do that, I’d be very happy with that too. Gordon is “my guy” for this season. I think he’s top 4 for sure, especially in PPR

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Ill see what I can do there. Thanks!