Who wins this trade? Jackson/Edelman

Team 1 gets: Edelman + Russ Wilson

Team 2 gets: Lamar Jackson + Marvin Jones OR Manny Sanders

edit: phrasing

Or – as a follow up – do you hold Lamar with Hill coming back soon and my WRs being Godwin, Cooks, Hill?

I’d hold off since T. Hill may be back soon, IMO don’t see a big need for Edelman.

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Hold. The latest Tyreek reports are encouraging. I’m waiting for his return in 2 leagues - 0-3 in 1 of them & still holding out hope

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So you prefer Lamar + Hill, Cooks, Godwin over Wilson + Hill, Cooks, then the flexibility to play Godwin or edelman. I dont disagree Lamar is has a chance to be top 5. Just want to verify