Who wins this trade? (Nelson vs Sanders)

Team A receives: Jordy Nelson, Darren McFadden
Team B receives: Emmanuel Sanders, Buck Allen

Team B also has Danny Woodhead on IR

Redraft league and PPR

Keeper league?

Redraft league and PPR

Haha I cant decide, its very close. But if I had to choose… I’d prefer team B, Sanders, at this point in time, has more of an upside than Jordy (Hundley is booty). Not sure what to think of the McFadden’s situation and Buck Allen will continue to have some usage in the Ravens offense even with Woodheads return.

I dont like either… im not sure what is trying to be accomplished… Id be trying to get rid of Jordy but definitely with more upside… I have Sanders on my team and im trying to get rid him as well. His quarterback situation is a mess right now.

I would go Sanders too, because or the QB situation. Which is not the best in Denver but i thinks its better than GB.