Who wins this trade ROS?

Cousins Hunt and D Parker
R Wilson and Fournette

Wowzers that is intersting.

I PERSONALLY dont value Parker that much so I like the idea of having Wislon and Fournette over Hunt and Cousins going forward.

Jags simply rely too much on Fournette to run so he will be great and Russell Wilson is being Russell Wilson, exploding right in the middle of the season usual haha!

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I think it depends on your roster with Parker, but honestly unless you have awful receivers I wouldn’t even consider him towards that trade. As far as QB’s go, you can stream and exploit match ups, but Russ does like to go off in the second half of the season, but his playoff schedule is going to be harder than Cousins

Real question here, do you like Hunt or Fournette more. I personally think Hunt outperforms him in the playoffs.

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Here was my logic. Although PARKER made the deal happen, I didn’t value him much. I have A Brown, Hogan, Theilen, Doctson and Kupp. I can pickup Hurns and not miss PARKER much. Wilson has a better overall schedule down the stretch and is more likely to be in the playoff hunt. Cousins is consistent but doesn’t have the ceiling Wilson has IMO. Hunt is trending down and Fournette is trending up. Fournette has a more favorable schedule. Hunt also has a bye week 10 and Fournette is past his bye, so an extra weeks production. That was my logic.