Who wins this trade? Very Close

Travis Kelce and Mike Evans
Keenan Allen and Sony Michel

Which duo is better

I think it really depends on team needs there. What side are you on and whats the roster look like

I have Kelce and Evans. I can pick up Herndon to replace Kelce. I don’t have RB or WR specific needs tho

I think you’re losing, despite being very close. Michel has become a TD dependent player, between the WRs is almost the same but I think Allen should become a top 5 WR again with Gordon playing like he has recently.

Yea I have the feeling I am losing it also, however I think if I can replace Kelce with Herndon then it is better for me. I am kind of fine with Michel being TD dependent because he gets all the goal line work for such a good offense

I don’t like giving up a TE at this point in the season. You want the best player at each position going into playoffs and Kelce can be that guy when Mahomes comes back. It’ll take something special for me to give up Kelce (and Hooper, Henry, Waller, Engram, Kittle).