Who wins this Trade?

Team A gets: Ezekiel Elliot and T.Y. Hilton

Team B gets: Isiah Crowell / LeSean McCoy / Martavis Bryant / Donte Moncrief / 1.08 draft pick

…PPR Dynasty League.


B for sure.

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That is a huge package for Zeke and Hilton. I look at it this way: I’d rather have Zeke than Crow and Shady (in Dynasty) but I’d rather have Bryant/Moncrief than TY. and the 1st rounder is nice too. I’d say Team B but I don’t know that it’s by much.


Lots of potential with Crow, Martavis, Moncrief, and the 1.08. Plus, Shady is obviously a beast if he’s healthy. STILL, I’d rather have Zeke and Hilton.


do you need depth at rb? because this is a great trade for that. i probably only take this trade if im fantastic at WR and can take some great potential guys, but i need more RB depth. so just from the base of what i know, i say who ever ends up with TY and Zeke wins. its just a situational trade.


Seems like a large price to pay for Zeke and Hilton. I see this as situational though, if team A has a ton of depth and is trying to upgrade for the long haul it’s totally worth the price. In a vacuum, I’d rather get the Crow package.


Well lets talk value.
Team A gets: Tier 1 RB & Tier 3 WR
Team B gets: Tier 3 RB, Tier 2 RB, 2 Tier 5 WRs (both with Tier 1-2 upside), and an additional 1st round pick.

Yeah…really depends on the rest of your team.

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Building off of what @Guinness wrote…
If you think of this in terms of value – specifically in terms of odds…

  • Team A receives the best WR and the best RB.

  • They’re both young. Long future ahead.

  • But for Team A to “win” the trade (judged at the end of 2017), you need both players to hit. If either has an off year or gets hurt for an extended period of time, then Team B (most likely) wins. Because…

  • Team B has 5 options to work with, instead of Team A’s 2.

  • Current UDK projections have both Crow & Shady as RB1s.

  • Upside potential for both WRs are quite pleasant.

  • So you only need a 50% hit rate on both positions to be pleased with your results, still with additional upside if 3 of 4 meet or exceed expectations.

  • …and I haven’t even brought up the draft pick yet! Assuming Team B has another Round 1 pick. That means 2 solid future dynasty options for the future.


My concern with Team B is mostly long term. How much longer with the slippery fish swim upstream before moving on? Hmm…not my best metaphor. I’ll work on that one.

Bryant and Moncrief both have long term value.