Who won? Dynasty Trade

Team A: trades away David Johnson
Team B: trades away Keenan Allen

Team A has a ton of RB depth and good WRs (including T Hill)
Team B is solid but not extra deep anywhere.
PPR, dynasty/keeper hybrid style league

I prefer DJ in this even with all that RB depth. I understand the trade though since I’m assuming Team A did this to get insurance on Tyreek in worst case scenario.

Yes, and Team A has Gordon, Kamara, Damien Williams, James Connor, and Guice in a 2 RB, 1 Flex league

I prefer Keenan Allen. Assuming this is dynasty, it doesn’t matter to me who makes up the rest of the roster.

I would rather have dj, starting him Gordon and Kamara is really good and I would look to move conner if anything

I like getting Keenan here though i do agree with @JarekF21 if the option would have been there to trade Connor or Williams i would have much preferred that.

I know DJ is older but limited tread and shown massive upside plus getting a better HC and offensive system will help. Connor i don’t think will be getting the Lev volume again after he wore down last year and Williams could be usurped or in a time share at any moment. Just my view but i think getting Allen or another WR1 in was the play.

I agree, I tried moving Connor and/or Williams for months but got no takers.

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At least you tried man, still like the trade for you in the end based on what you have and need.

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