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Who won the blockbuster?


Huge dynasty trade just went down in my league. Gotta know who won the trade. Trade calculators practically came up dead even on multiple websites.

Team A received: Hopkins, Penny, Cohen, Jeffery

Team B received: Julio, Fournette, Landry, and basically a throwaway that became Vernon Davis for when Reed inevitably is injured.



Team A! It’s a tough one to even assess, though, with so many moving pieces. One injury could sway this in favor of either side pretty quickly.


Yeah we can’t decide! I guess I should specify it’s .5 ppr. Team B got the known commodities, and Julio and Landry get peppered with targets. Plus Landry makes up for the age in the Hopkins/Julio swap. Fournette, when healthy is a beast.

But Hopkins is a top 2 dynasty player and Cohen and Penny could be breakout stars this year. Jeffery naturally has injury history concerns along with his older age, but is tied to a young QB in a high powered offense as the red zone threat.


This year, Team B, assuming Landry is half as good as he was last year(Spoiler, its entirely possible he’s no where close). 2 or 3 years from now, could easily be Hopkins/Penny/Cohen.


Team B is certainly a win now kind of team. Team A is in a bit of a rebuild, bottom half kind of guys. So it definitely benefits them both for their personal goals for the year.


I think I do like team b myself, team a got good return too for depth. very even trade ! holy crap, im in that league, I was going to say that looked familiar lol. nice trade guys !


Well good, because I’m team B :joy:


In Dynasty this becomes pretty interesting.

Hopkins > Julio - Long term only, just cause Hop is a young guy on a young high powered offense.
Fournette > Penny - Like way better.
Jeffery > Landry - Jeffery has some injury history, but he will age better on a much better offense.
Cohen > Davis - Cohen is young and electric, and Davis has a lot of question marks.

That being said…team B. I would go team A if you sub Penny for Guice.


In retrospect, being the dynasty rookie that I am, I totally forgot about trying to acquire a draft pick as my “fourth.” Instead of just accepting the open roster spot and grabbing Davis of the wire, I should’ve tried to get like a 3rd or 4th round rookie pick for next season! Damnit!


Cohen or Jeffery would be a 1st.


Its a super close call honestly. No issue with either side. But agree the sure thing of Fournette at RB vs unknown of Penny is enough for me to say B is set up nicely for this year.

One thing I’ll say is I don’t love Julio but he’s also about as SAFE as it gets at WR, just don;t love him while I do love Hopkins. A lot of people will be bumping Landry down after moving team but he too could prove to be just a talented dude that translates anywhere.

Only time will tell who “won” but for now nice trade B!


Team B won this trade
Penny- not really sure what he will do with no blocking at all
Hopkins- we all know he top 3
Jeffery- not much wrong but Landry is slightly better and younger
Cohen-has the Tevin Coleman value if he has his own team he could probably do wonders but Howard is unfortunately dominating the position now.

Team B
Gets Julio barring foot injuries has the ability to play late into his career like Fitzgerald
Bellcow Fournette (hasn’t even had the opportunity to play a full season since 2015 healthy, not scared on his injures yet.)
landry already discussed
Shouldve gotten a late draft pick instead of davis but thsi works out