Who won the trade

Ty montgomery [post injury], emmanual sanders for chirs carson, lagarette blout

Whoever got Ty mont and sanders won for me. Blount is completely touchdown dependent and the Seahawks offense brings down Carson for me. Montgomery when healthy is the only option in Green Bay and Sanders gets the most targets on a solid offense

I would lean towards the Montgomery, Sander side. Blount is not someone you could rely on weekly as a starter, and Carson is week to week. You can feel confident starting Sanders every week and I don’t think the Montgomery issue is that serious

TY and Sander By far for me

Not even close, Monty and Sanders. Sanders is underrated, and Blount is very unreliable.

lmao wtf Ty and sanders BY ALOT

Montgomery’s injury doesn’t look as bad as they thought it was, they said he might even start against dallas. Rib injuries are really painful so I personally wouldn’t expect him against Dallas but if it’s really not as bad as they thought it was, then I’d expect him back in like 2-3 weeks. If it’s not a broken rib, then compate to Rob Kelley, kelley had rib cartilage damage 2 weeks ago and it looks like he will play on Monday night.

Montgomery/Sanders won by a lot.

Monty side by quote a lot