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Who won this trade


10 Team 0.5 PPR.
I gave Carlos Hyde &Kelvin Benjamin
I received Amari Cooper.

My WRs are now Green Cooper Jeffrey with Diggs in the flex and my RBs are Ajayi and Miller with Anderson on the bench.

Thoughts? I had Benjamin on my bench and Hyde in the flex


Think you got the better of the deal. Benjamin would have lost targets to mcCathery and Hyde is on a team that will need to throw a lot because they will be behind most games. Cooper will get you points mainly from volume and yards. Crabtree has been the red zone target in past years so cooper may be limited on touchdowns.


I wouldn’t day you won or lost, per as. You gave up more value than you got, but it’s possible you consolidated value in your starting lineup. I probably wouldn’t have done it. I like to have RB depth, and I’m not convinced Cooper is any kind of huge upgrade over Benjamin.


I probably wouldn’t have either. But I’m betting on Hyde’s talent and Kelvin’s TDs. I’m low on Cooper because I don’t think he’s the best WR on his team. That siad, I don’t think it was bad and it could easily work out to your benefit, I just probably wouldn’t have done it.


Is this a keeper situation? I think you got the best player in the deal so imo you won the deal. I would’ve done the same thing especially now having 4 elite WRs


I’m not so sure Cooper is the best player in this trade. If Hyde is healthy, he’s the best player. Cooper may not even be the best WR on his own team.