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Who won this trade?


My team is currently
QB: Cousins and Luck
RB: Lynch, Abdullah, Sims, Blount, AP, and Terrance West
WR: Green, Michael Thomas, Hill, Watkins, Tyrell Williams
TE: Gronk
K: Boswell
DEF: Panthers

10 team, full PPR

I traded Michael Thomas, Blount, and Williams for Jordan Reed, TY Hilton, and Davante Adams. I made this trade because I felt like I needed another TE since of Gronk can be injury prone. I understand the Reed has an injury history too. However, I thought the addition of TY Hilton and Davante Adams made up for losing Thomas. Tyrell Williams is impressive, but won’t contribute immediately. I drafted Blount only because I needed RBs. I still need RBs, but Blount could bust this year or see less carries. Opinions on this trade. I still value Michael Thomas. He could lead the league this year in all WR categories, but this trade was hard to pass up.


what. is there collusion going on here? How do you even make that trade? You won that. Easy.

I would use your wr’s to get some better rb’s now. Your team is stacked. I have no idea how that trade even goes through. Last I checked Blount was on the chopping block on the roster


Everyone in the league says I lost the trade. It was a live draft and most people don’t understand rankings. No collusion, just better at drafting. I would love to trade for better RBs but they want too much. Plus, I see too many RB platoons in the league. That’s my biggest concern.


Unless I’m missing something, you did lose the trade. I honesty would not be surprised to see both Hilton and Adams finish as low end WR2s, or worse. Hilton is useless without Luck (which is starting to look like a real possibility), and Adams is due for TD regression, which would crush his value. Downgrading from borderline first round WR to two high risk WR2s in order to add a second TE? Don’t get it. Especially when you’re already burning a roster spot on a second QB.

What happens when Reed goes down, and you’rein the same situation, except now you don’t have Thomas?


I mean I guess I am just someone who doesn’t value Michael Thomas like you do. He has the two best TE’s in the game. He can trade for so many things right now if he wants to get more value at WR. If Hilton does get luck hes basically got high end wr2/1 and adams is gonna be fine with 12 taking snaps


I don’t think making a trade in order to make another trade is a good idea. As it stands, he took points out of his starting lineup and put them on his bench in the form of two huge question marks. No thanks.


I understand your point. I can flex Jordan Reed, however that does not make up the points lost by trading Thomas. With the WRs I have currently, I think it is manageable.

I should have said the flex is RB/WR/TE


I’d be trying to flip Reed.


Definitely a possibility.