$$$who won this trade!$$$


Team A

Melvin Gordon
George Kittle
Sammy Watkins

Team B

Lev Bell
Jimmy Graham
Manny Sanders

Thanks In Advance!!

I’d say team A, but I might be biased because I have Watkins and I think he’s going to be better when Hill returns. Kittle’s probably better, at least more consistent for sure, than Graham. But Lev is probably a bit better than Gordon at least for the next 4-6 weeks until Gordon potentially takes over the backfield.

My thinking behind picking team B myself is that Lev Bell’s bye week has already passed so I’ll get an extra week of RB1 play. Manny is just consistent and with Kupp being my WR1 I couldn’t keep gambling(losing) on Sammy.

I think it’s a pretty even deal but the extra RB1 week gives me a little edge.

But your argument is a good one tho!

This is a very fair trade tbh… i dont see someone as a clear winner.
I like bell more than gordon and he is past his bye
but i like kittle WAAAY better than i like graham or any other TE that isnt kelce. Im personally trying to get kittle in my leagues because of schedule and because TEs that score are almost impossible to acquire at this point of the season.
and watkins or sanders, i give a slight advantage to sanders in full ppr, because there are only 2 receivers in denver while KC has 4 or 5…

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Yeah bro I think it’s pretty even too. Hurt giving I’m Kittle but in full ppr having Kamara and now Bell it’s worth it