Who won trade (Dynasty)?

Single-QB, 0.5 PPR, Dynasty (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex)

Stephon Diggs+Devin Singletary for Saquon Barkley+Chase Claypool

Are you talking for this year or for the future?

It’s a tough one. The Bills offense is super potent for passing and I believe Diggs has one maybe two good years left in him. Singletary doesn’t get as many touches because of the passing so he will have to get more TDs or receptions if Allen is checking down. Also, Allen has the ability to run which will take some inside the 20 rushes and TDS away. Then with the addition of James Cook I could see him eating into some production if he shows half of his brothers talent.

Barkley all comes down to if he can stay healthy. If he’s good to go he will be a RB1 for the next couple years. Chase is also all dependent on the QB in Pittsburgh. All of the wide receivers there will have to make a new relationship with whoever they go with and that’s something very new for Pittsburgh as they’ve had a rock in Ben forever.

Personally I think Diggs/Singletary is the winner for this year but for the longer play I like Barkley/Claypool hoping that Barkley stays healthy and Claypool gels with the new QB.

I like Barkley side here simply because of the upside. If Claypool gets you med-lowWR 2 type numbers this year then you easily out perform the Singletary.