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Who would be more valuable Drake, Crowell


In a 16 man standard league who would you rather have for the playoffs? My team is pretty solid but I lack a rb 2. I’ve never played in a 16 man and I’m noticing most ppl don’t have running backs at all so who do you guys prefer my backs are gurley, Drake, Morris, Henry, Allen


Crowell is getting touches and you have a few too many what if guys. Henry will only get time without Murray. Likewise Morris and Elliott. Allen will lose out when woodhead comes back after bye. I’d take Crowell if it was straight up personally


Yea that’s what I was thinking maybe offering drake for Crowell. I had this guy on s trade for Howard for drake and funchess but he backed out


Ah man that would’ve been amazing!


Yea nobody will make a trade with me unless it involves gurley or juilo the hunt owner said only person on my team he will take is gurley so I’m kinda sol unless I can make something happen