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Who would y’all trade for Brandin cooks?


I have Baldwin, cooper, Agholor, Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa and mike Williams as my WRs
And I have Gordon, McCaffrey, burkhead, Kerryon Johnson and Alfred Morris as my rbs.
Who would trade to try and get Brandin Cooks and make it fair trade? 12 man league .5 ppr


Enunwa’s stock is high right now - I would package him with Burkhead. Or I might try Anderson and Morris


I might ship off Burkhead and Anderson and see if they’ll bite. That could also be a slight over pay though.


Enunwa is getting a lot of love from Darnold in the media, I might hold and see how the target share breaks out in week 2


What about burkhead plus Enunwa for Allen Robinson? Is that too much?


That’s interesting and could go either way. I feel like it’s fair but could also totally blow up in either persons face.


Rofl, the amount of low balls on on here is insane. The OP asked for a fair trade proposal. If you want to lowball someone, no need to post on these forums. Everyone knows how to low ball. Hope I don’t get into any leagues with some of these cats above cause seems like they’re the ones that just constantly send out low ball offers in hopes of striking gold on a beginner. The Anderson/Morris one was probably the most hilarious one.

Cooks stock is going to grow significantly as the season progresses. Just watching the game, I was pleasantly surprised with how involved he was in the game plan. This is not Watkins 2.0. They are running screens and jet sweeps and runs all with the intention to set up huge play actions for him. He drew 2 PIs and goff missed him on another long bomb. Once those connect, he’s going to explode. I’m personally trying to acquire him whereever I can in my leagues over the next few weeks as he has a couple of tough match-ups.

If you can sell Baldwin, I’d do it. ALso depends on what this guy needs. If he needs RBs, I’d definitely package Burkhead. Honestly, if you could do Burkhead + Baldwin for Cooks, I’d take that in a heart beat. I’d even consider Cooper + Burkhead for Cooks right now. It sounds expensive I know, but it’s worth it. Obviously if you can do Quincy + Burkhead for him, do it, but I’d laugh if I got that offer for Cooks in my inbox.


cooks is potentially the # 3 on his team, I have little to no confidence in him in any given week. If this were best ball I would love to have him, but I’d much rather not play the guessing game each week. I feel like you’re valuing cooks as if he were still on the Saints. His name doesn’t equal value, his workload and production do. Both of which take a hit on the Rams.


If you think that, you clearly didn’t watch the game and still going off the offseason narrative of them using him as a distraction play like they did with Watkins.

I can’t blame you because that was also my hypothesis but having watched the game, I’ve changed. I was wrong on that like I was on many other things. He led the team targets along with Kupp. He is going to lead that team in receiving yards this season and I don’t think it’ll be close. Easily eclipse 1K yards this season. He is the #1 read on most of Goff’s pass plays and the primary guy they went to in play action. Box scores aren’t everything, go watch film. Even if you just relied on box scores though, he led the team in targets in a game script that didn’t really favor Cook’s skill set. When this team falls behind and gets into shoot outs, Cooks is going to be the primary beneficiary.

And all of this is coming from a gurley owner and probably cooper Kupps #1 fan. I think Kupp will lead the team in red zone targets and probably lead in receiving TDs cause cooks sucks in that part of the field. But watching the game, its undeniable how much McVay wants to get Cooks involved in this offense which makes sense given they paid him $80MM.

I’d be happy to waterbet on that right now that Cooks will be the WR1 on that team.


You’re underselling woods here big time. Just because he didn’t come up with the receptions doesnt mean the targets weren’t there. Woods had 9 targets and is definitely above Cooks for Goff. My biggest problem isn’t talent for any of them though. It’s that the ball is going to be spread around in a good offense. No one will get hyper targeted and I think it results in up and down weeks. He’ll be a mid WR2 at best this year. I could see him falling to the 20 - 24 range


I agree that target wise Cooks isn’t taht exciting, but has never been a big target guy. If he gets 7-8 targets per week he will be a great fantasy asset.


There’s always someone on here that needs to be schooled with facts. Today, looks like that person is you. Before I proceed, just want to say I love this type of discussion. Don’t be offended but I’m a stickler for evidence/support. Baseless statements make no sense to me. If you get offended, I apologize ahead of time. These are always my opinions and I can be wrong, as I have proven many times before but end of the day, I make the most informed decision based on the information available to me at the time.

I actually like woods. He’s great. But talent wise, he doesn’t hold a candle to cooks. If you look at those 2 play actions bombs that woods missed, that wasn’t on goff, that was woods not having the breakaway speed to get separation from defenders. If you don’t believe me, go back and watch the film.

Right so based on 1 more target (2 of his targets were actually throw aways) he is somehow better than cooks. A 33% catch rate definitely tells me that he is going to see more targets the cooks. The catches that woods didn’t make, it was either cause he wasn’t fast enough, or 2, he dropped them. Of the 2 50+yard throws to cooks, the reason why he didn’t make them, was because of pass interference so the offense got those yards anyways. Who do you think McVay is going to go back to on those long passes more? Woods who couldn’t run fast enough, or Brandin Cooks who at a bare minimum, draws a PI and gives the offense yards anyways? I’m sure you have common sense so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one.

You can say this based on what? So the guy who has a 33% catch rate is “definitely” above the guy who caught 5 of 8 and on the 3 he didn’t catch, he drew pass interference calls of over 80 yards? Okay that makes sense. Let me ask you this, did you even watch the game? You sound like a box score warrior. There’s more to playing fantasy then reading stats off a game sheet. You need to watch and understand the game and see how they are using cooks vs how they are using woods. If you actually watched the game, what you would see is that Goff consistently went to Cooks as his first read, would then progress to Woods, and then Kupp in the underneath route, and if he had more time, would then go back to either cooks or woods. And fact of the matter is this, Woods basically ran like 2 routes the entire game. The 9 (the deep route) and the crossing route over the middle. Cooks, was literally being used all over the field. Intermediate, screen, reverse, go, comeback, out. Literally everything. Cooks is a superior talent and route runner compared to woods. And in the NFL, talent wins out in the long run. After watching that game, I fully expect the target share to go more in favor of Cooks. However, I am not going to say that with 100% confidence like you. There’s a chance I’m wrong but based on the data, this is a bet I am more than comfortable making.

I totally agree with you here. But this is an offense that can definitely support an RB1, WR1 and a couple WR2s. Think about this for a second. This game script, was probably the worst game script for WRs on the Rams. It was a total blow out. In closer games and shoot outs or if Goff just connects on 1 or 2 of those long passes which I expect them to adjust and succeed at, you’re basically looking at an RB1, 1-2 WR1s (Cooks + woods) and a WR2 all in the same week in a non-pass friendly game script. Good offenses spread the ball out but Rams will also be an extremely high scoring offense. Just like last year where they led the league in points. When you have an offense that good, it’s foolish to fade their players just because you think they “spread the ball out”. I’d be willing to bet any amount of money, water, etc, that Cooks will far exceed 20-24 range. I think Woods probably ends up there cause he’s situational and always gets injured, but Cooks if healthy, has a great shot at being WR1 and will at a minimum, be a high end WR2.


Cooks is a superior athlete, Woods is a superior route runner. You’re basing all of your stats off of one game against a team with no pass rush that just shipped off Khalil Mack. None of your so called “schooling” is convincing. Cooks could and probably will end the year above Woods, but that wasn’t my argument. My argument was that you’re over valuing Cooks, not that Woods is better. I was stating that woods will eat into Cooks targetshare and that Cooks isn’t good enough to be a WR1 on 9 targets a game (which is a pace of 108 on the year. His career catch rate would put him in the conversation for 65-70 receptions. He’s not Tyreek Hill. He wont be a WR1 and you’re valuing him like one. It’s pretty simple math.


Very few WRs hit WR1 numbers without AT LEAST 140 targets a year. Hill and Juju are the only two who have shown the efficiency to even try and do it on less.


This is based on… what exactly? Woods runs exclusively out of the slot because he can’t beat elite corners. Cooks runs out of the slot, X and flanker. Looking at the routes run and reception perception data, they’re actually pretty comparable except cooks is a superior deep route runner and it isn’t even close. If you don’t have the UDK, i highly recommend you buy it.

Oh okay so when I base cooks targets off of one game, I am only using 1 game. But when you base your 9 targets off that same game, it’s somehow founded? Also, I’m not basing everything off of one game. I’m basing it off of what I have seen from Cooks his ENTIRE CAREER. He’s been in the league for 4 season so far. Every single season as a starter, guess what he’s finished as? A WR1. You’re basing your assessment of woods off of what? Half a season he played? He was straight trash before that.

Totally agree with you. It is VERY hard to hit WR1 numbers without at least 140 targets a year. The only way to do it is if you are consistently successful on being a deep threat and attain really good yards/catch. Aside from Hill and Cooper, guess who’s done it for most of his career? Brandin Cooks lol.

Since his second year in the league (which is when he became a starter), here are his stats and finishes in half PPR scoring:

2015 - WR10: 129 targets, 84 receptions, 1,140 yards, 9 TDs
2016 - WR6 : 117 Targets, 78 receptions, 1173 yards, 8 TDs
2017 - WR12: 114 targets, 65 receptions, 1,082 yards, 7 TDs

He has literally done exactly what you said is rare to do his entire career. FInish as a WR1 with less than 140 targets. In fact, he did it in under 120 targets in 2 years. He was the Tyreek Hill before Tyreek Hill.

Robert woods: Has never had more than 800 receiving yards his entire career. Never more than 5 TDs. Rarely healthy for an entire season. Those are just facts. You may say well “oh injuries don’t count”. Well you can’t score if you’re not on the field.

Cooks has not missed a game his entire career. Only games he didn’t start were cause he was a rookie. Dude is an absolute stud. If you want to ignore that in favor of some of this baseless stuff you’re saying, that’s your loss.

Maybe you should do a little fact checking before you say stuff. It’s called google. Not rocket science. If I can do it, you can do it too!

I just showed the math above. I agree it’s pretty simple. Hey Newton, can you walk us through whatever math you’re doing over there?

You could also definitely be right and I could be wrong, I just don’t see the support behind anything you’re saying. Should we leave it there or would you like to keep contradicting yourself some more?

Edit: JuJu also wasn’t a WR1 last year. Although, he was pretty damn close.


Can we tag this for End of year. I’ll take him for under 1000 yards. The first two year he had Drew Brees, the Third you mentioned he had Tom Brady. Now he has Goff. I’ll take that bet and apparently so will Vegas, who is smarter than both of us. I agree that you could be right but I’ll side with Vegas on this one. over under was set at 775, I think he breaks that, but not 1K. Also being condescending doesn’t make your opinion right or any more valid. It just makes you a douchebag who thinks he right.


This is exactly why going into this season, I wanted no part of Cooks. For all the reasons you mentioned above. I thought he was Watkins without the TD upside. But the game changes things. All of this time, you still haven’t even confirmed you watched the game. You keep saying woods had more targets. If you watched the game at all, you would understand not all targets are created equal. Especially ones that were throw away. Honestly man, people make the mistake of relying on box scores too much. Strongly encourage you watch games and film before forming opinions purely off box scores.

100% agree with you there. Vegas is smarter than both of us. I make a lot of bets but those season long bets are made when? Prior to the start of the season. Just like how my opinion of Hill and Cooks were both formed, prior to the start of the season. However, things change. Opinions change. And people are wrong frequently.

This is just how I speak. Don’t really filter it for this site which is why I apologized ahead of time. I don’t really take the time to edit my words, it’s pretty much just no bs straight to the point. If you’re offended, sorry for that.

Also, pretty sure you’re the one who suggested I couldn’t do “simple math”. I just played off your own words. And don’t think I resorted to calling you any names at any point which is clearly what you have resorted to. Basically just laid out the numbers which is something you seem to be allergic to. Don’t dish it out if you can’t handle it man.


Yeah that was after you started by being condescending. Expect push back, you can present a rational argument without being a douche at the same time.

Also you 100% just contradicted yourself by saying you agree cooks wont get 1000 yards.


Where do you see that? I said I agree with you vegas is smarter than us. But those lines are set prior to the season starting. I.e. when it looked like Cooks was literally walking into the Watkins role without much change. We now have a full games worth of data which, again, if you watched the game, shows how they plan to use him. New information = new opinions.

In the same manner, Zeke was the vegas favorite to lead the league in rushing this year. After the first game, would you still make that bet? If the lines were reset after today, Zeke would no longer be atop the list.

That’s how betting lines work. They’re set as of a point in time. Once new information is released, they change lol. Grasping at straws now I guess…


So you’re taking cooks over 1000 yards? Because I’m still not.