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Who would y’all trade for Brandin cooks?


Yep I’m happy to make that bet. There’s definitely risks to it. Like I said, you could be right and I could be wrong, but based off what I see, I’m willing to make that bet.


Same I expect him to be in the low 900s this year.


Water bet? I’ll book mark this here.


“There’s always someone on here that needs to be schooled with facts. Today, looks like that person is you. Before I proceed, just want to say I love this type of discussion. Don’t be offended but I’m a stickler for evidence/support. Baseless statements make no sense to me. If you get offended, I apologize ahead of time. These are always my opinions and I can be wrong, as I have proven many times before but end of the day, I make the most informed decision based on the information available to me at the time.”

I’ve been combing through these forums off and on for the past few weeks, and seen tons of your responses to people’s posts.

Now i’m not saying you haven’t said something like this before, i just myself haven’t seen it till now.

Till now I’ve thought you come off rather aggressive and condescending in a lot of your posts. A nose-stuck-up-in-the-air football know it all.

However, seeing you outline that before you bombard someone with facts? Respect level went up 100%.

You have a lot of good takes, some i don’t necessarily agree with, but it’s very cool seeing you own up to it.

Keep up the good work bro


I’d be down


“Till now I’ve thought you come off rather aggressive and condescending in a lot of your posts. A nose-stuck-up-in-the-air football know it all.”

Aside from the til now part I agree. He definitely is condescending and aggressive.


Like I said, as you read my posts on these forums, it’s just my straight up unfiltered / unedited responses. This is just how I talk so how I write comes off as that. Also, I just love talking shit. To me, that’s what fantasy is all about. However, when I am in fact wrong, I will happily admit it. Been numerous instances where others have hit me with some of their own facts and support which didn’t know and completely countered my own thoughts. I even wrote an entire thread highlighting all the things I was 100% wrong about in my week 1 post mortem:

However, yielding to the advice of another frequent poster, BusterD, he said i often label things as impossible or fact too often. To which I had to 100% agree. I am easy to dismiss ideas that seem stupid which is why I felt that disclosure was 100% necessary here.

Having said that, in this particular thread, I feel as though I am the only side that has laid out the numbers and facts for why I am thinking this way while the other side has basically rehashed the same thing with different wording and hit me with the “i could easily do what you do if I wanted to” argument which I find to be pretty amusing. If it’s so easy, then go do it. If you show me the proof, I will once again happily admit how wrong I am and how right you are but don’t take the cowards way out and resort to name calling and ignoring all the evidence presented.


Done deal.


Just thought I’d chime in real quick. That game against the raiders wasn’t a blow out until the 4th quarter so I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call it the worst game script. They started to pull away in the 3rd quarter but it was by no means a blowout at that point.


True true. Not the worst game script. Should have phrased it as, not the best game script. Also, the 4th quarter matters a lot. That is when time matters most so teams who are losing want to conserve while teams who are up typically run it out. What I was alluding to here was, even though it was clearly game over in the 4th, their passing attack did not slow. There will be plenty of game scripts that lend to rams taking even more shots down the field late in the game. Basically, just saying that despite not having the optimal game script for passing, especially deep for cooks, he put up what he did. I think his best days, are ahead.


The week one game showed me nothing I didn’t already know about Cooks, the week two game however has me reconsidering Cooks. They definitely are looking to him more and it looks like he’s eating into Kupp’s workload which I didn’t expect. Definitely not looking good early for me on the water bet lol


Would y’all offer Kerryon Johnson and Quincy Enunwa for cooks and do you think he’ll go for it?


If I owned Cooks rn I wouldn’t do that trade


You can offer it if you want but doubt you’d get it.

Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on week 1. Only difference between week 1 and week 2 that I saw was he had a better stat line. Usage wise, it was the same which is why I was high on him last week. Sadly, wasn’t able to pull off any trades and I might not be able to anymore going forward…


Yeah his value is definitely up after that one. I just liked some of the short routes they gave him, and the blocking on a couple of them by the WRs was phenominal


That’s why I liked him the first week. He was getting a lot of those short/intermediate routes in that game as well.

Cooper Kupp is the best blocking WR in the league and I don’t even think it’s close. He is absolutely phenominal. I wish we got fantasy points for WR blocks. He is the key to that offenses success and his blocking ability is why he is on the field for so many snaps.


Yeah I didn’t actually pay enough attention to who was throwing the blocks but I believe it. From what I saw, Cooks had some plays that without those blocks he’d have had like 20 or 30 less yards. McVay schemes so well and they execute.


Sending Baldwin + Watkins for Cooks, what do you think?


I’d do it. Watkins should be good, albeit hard to predict. Baldwin has two bad knees which is not something I want in a receiver who needs to make hard cuts to get separation. Cooks has looked good. My only question is whether or not they’ll accept, but you’ll never know until you try.


I was able to swing Diggs and Miller for Cooks and Howard before the season started. I grabbed Thielen and Diggs back 2 back, so I wanted to trade one.

Looking like I made a good decision there.