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Who Would Ya Pick?


10 Team PPR

Got Chris Hogan in trade (secondary piece), have good depth to start year at RB and WR.
Was thinking of dropping Hogan (too many mouths in NE for me) and picking up flier/sleeper that might lite it up later.
Available guys Im looking at:

Wendell Smallwood (Blount looking bad on PHI so far)
Chris Thompson (OK ppr RB)
D’onta Foreman (Miller back up)
Marlon Mack (Gore back up)
Jonathan Williams (McCoy back up)
Mike Williams (high draft pick-not ready until Oct)


I would keep the guy that has value currently, which is Hogan. He’ll have a role in a very good offense. I’d take that over a flyer any day. If his role turns out to be minimal and one of those guys is looking like they might break out then you can drop.


Thanks for input.
I was thinking that also, but… even if Hogan get targets one game, with NE the next game he might have 0.
So I dont know when I would plug him into flex in any given game.
You hit on my dilemma right on


i agree with Hogan being the better option here


I agree. Would be a tough play most likely. Or who knows… he could end up being pretty consistent we’ll have to wait and see a couple weeks.

But we do know that there will be usage there. Something we don’t know when it comes to everyone else you mentioned


I think your right. I’ll hold on and see. Maybe Gronk or Amendolla injury would change things also. Or trade bait after a good week.



Keep Hogan. I think he’s going to be heavily involved. I actually think there’s a chance he might be the #1 WR in NE now. He doesn’t have the same skill set as Edelman, but he can get open at every level, and Brady trusts him.

The long speed is also real, and provides solid upside for splash weeks.