Who would you be seeking out if you had this roster?

I’m currently 6-2 and I just beat the only guy who now has the same record. I just moved to first this week. I’m not familiar with the trade game but it seems now is the time. If you had this roster, champions?! To become one this year who would you be looking for in a possible trade and why? Thanks in advance! Tag some champions

Kenny G and Marvin Jones are available as well right now.


Sorry wrong week, here is week 9. I have Doyle and pats for later on this year.

MJJ must be rostered. If he is available, go and snag him right now. I prefer him to almost everyone on your bench. I would drop drew brees to get him if you have to or do a 2 for 1 trade.

Everyone here is jumping on the Kenny G train but MJJ is still the best receiver on that team and is going to be the primary benefactor. Let others blow faab on Kenny G while you go for the MJJ value. There is going to be weeks where you want to flex him and I would def start him over Boyd/Landry in most weeks.

Your team is super stacked though so don’t think you necessarily need to do much on the trading front.

Also, I would go back to the Dallas D over the Patriots D. Dallas D at home is excellent and Mariota surrenders so many sacks. I’ll be surprised if Titans even score a TD on them.

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Awesome man thanks!!! Helps me out a lot !