Who would you drop for a defense?

I need to drop someone to pick up a Def for the week. Who would you drop?

Josh Allen and But Def are on bye and I plan to start both of them for most of the ROS starting next week.

Matt Breida
Robert Woods
Sammy Watkins
Davonta Freeman

I have to play Freeman or breida this week as well with Josh Jacobs being on a bye. My other WR are Godwin, Kuppand Hopkins.

Sheesh how stacked is your team? Do you have other RBs you can drop? If these are only options I’d say Watkins

Wouldn’t drop any of those. You could try to trade someone.

I would rather play a week with no defense than drop one of those guys

I’ve been trying to package 2 WR to trade for a RB since week 2. Can’t get any takers.

Unfortunately I play the guy who has been averaging almost 150 points the last few weeks when 120 is high for out league. His team is stacked…

I lean to drop Watkins because he has done nothing since week 1. But I still feel like I can trade him even though I have no takers so far. It’s only a 10 team league and I just saw someone got will fulller off waivers this morning. No idea how he wasn’t on my roster.

I’m with everyone else, assuming your record is good, don’t drop anyone and take the L . Otherwise, I’d drop Woods based on his up and down performance being tied to Goff (hoping Watkins looks better after Hill gets back).

i dont know if you truly had to drop one I would drop Watkins.

what do you think of this trade I just did?

@Badgertrav You should never go into the week with the mindset of taking an L. Look at your WRs:

Godwin - WR1
Kupp - WR4
Hopkins - WR25 (but truly a top-10 guy)
Woods - WR36

Watkins is technically the WR13 on the year BUT that is a statistical anomaly due to his week 1 performance (a 37.8 point outlier). If you replace his week 1 points with his point average from weeks 2-4 (4.9 points/week) his ranking falls to WR73 (with 19.6 points) which is a more accurate representation of his value.

Don’t chase Sammy Watkins’ week 1 points for the rest of the year. Drop him, get a defense, and win your matchup. And if you really want him on your team, he will be available next week after waivers clear - no one is picking up a guy based on a 5 point day.

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