Who would you drop for a kicker?

10 man, 0.5 ppr, 4 bench spots

As you can see, I’m pretty stacked on mid - lowish high RBs and I need(?) to drop someone this week. Do I drop Conner because he’s the least likely to start for the rest of the season or should I just take the 0 in the kicker slot this week because everyone on my bench is too valuable?

Thanks guys.

Do you have a reserve spot where you can put Ingram? If not, you’re down to Gordon and Conner in my eyes. But I’d wait and see if you even need a kicker first. I don’t have one at the moment in my league and won’t pick one up until after the 1:00 games. If I got a hefty lead, I may not even roster one this week.

All these guys have value. I would drop Jaamal williams as he is the least valued player or trade him for a solid kicker option. Connor has tons of value right now and we all know what Josh Gordan can be… jeez was this a 8 man league?

I see 10 man… edited…

Thanks! I’ll probably look into this :slight_smile:

edit: No reserve spot for suspended players :frowning: