Who would you drop for Chris Thompson? .5 ppr

I am limited to the number of running backs I can have on my team or I would drop someone else. But I have D. Montgomery, RoJo, M. Mack, and JK Dobbins. Currently I am starting Mack and RoJo. Do you believe it wise to drop Dobbins for Thompson and start him over either of my starters? Or should I stay status quo. Reason I have Mack is for the first week or so while P River checks down a lot. Thoughts. Thanks.

If I’m dropping any of these, it would be Mack. Harbaugh has already come out and said how impressed he is with Dobbins and that he will have a decent role off the bat.

My counter point is that Mack is currently a starter and with rivers known for dump offs to the RB. But if I dropped Mack would you start Thompson over everyone?

Hines is going to see the passing work in that offense anyway, so I don’t believe that Mack will be doing a lot of anything with Taylor and Hines there too. I don’t know if I would start Thompson over any of them in week 1, but if it plays out they way some believe, then you have him moving forward with the game script great for him