Who would you drop for Duke?

Duke’s still out there in my league. Who would you drop from my team (if any) to pick him up?

QB: Winston
RB: Kamara, McCaffrey, Kerryon, Ito, Mack, R Freeman (can’t drop)
WR: Allen, Evans, Allison, Sanders (can’t drop)
TE: Njoku, Howard
DST: Chargers
K: Bailey



Bumping … any thoughts out there?

Maybe Mack or Howard?
You seem solid at RB already.

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You don’t need both Njoku and Howard but not sure if either are droppable. Would’ve said royce but he played so you can’t drop him.

I’d probably rather have Duke than mack but its close. Wouldn’t fight you if you prefer mack.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Royce would’ve been my choice as well, but stuck there. Wouldn’t normally keep 2 TEs, but with the position being thin, it’s somewhat nice to have the insurance and I’ll probably try to flip one + RB/WR for an upgrade at some point.

Thought about dropping Bailey and waiting to see if I need a kicker on Mon night (both available), but he has Beckham so I wouldn’t feel safe unless I’m up huge (and even then you never know). Plus the only person I could drop at that point would be Ito, and I’d rather have Ito than Duke.

I agree with the coin flip between Mack and Duke, but I think I’d rather keep Mack only because he’s got early downs (maybe goal line with Turbin hurt), and still a chance to expand the role and get some passes. While I do think Duke’s role will get bigger now with Hyde gone, there’s a chance Chubb dominates and Duke’s role is still capped.

I guess I’ll sit tight for now and hope I dont regret it later.

Mmm. Prob Mack. I’d rather see what Duke can do than Mack. He did it last year already after all.

Yeah I would definitely package Njoku + an RB/WR to get an upgrade.

I wouldn’t drop bailey. You don’t want to give up 6-7 points in any match-up cause you never know what might happen.

Macks role could possibly expand and he has an okay matchup. With him, its just a matter of whether or not he can stay on the field. When healthy, he’s the best back in the backfield and i don’t even think its close. But we all know how hamstring injuries for RBs go. Just ask Fournette and Cook owners.

I actually don’t think Chubb stepping in means DJs role will expand. I already liked what I saw from DJ going back to last week and week before in terms of his ADot rising and involvement in the passing game. That’s why I picked him up then cause in my eyes, he was already trending up. I think chubb just walks in and takes over hydes role and becomes the lead right away. DJ isn’t a threat to that. I just view DJ as on the same path with maybe a couple more touches in the first 1-2 weeks given Chubbs lack of experience but end of the day, he’s always been the passing guy. I actually see them running formations with both guys on the field with DJ in the slot cause he’s basically their 2nd best receiver.