Who would you drop here?

Need to open a bench spot for a QB stream to cover Stafford’s bye. Who are you most comfortable dropping out of Jamaal Charles, Latavius Murray, Cooper Kupp, Or Roger Lewis?



Must be a deep league. I would want to keep kupp out of those four. Probably drop charles first, and then latavius murray. As for the giants receiver… let’s see how he does?


Yeah, it’s pretty deep. I’m leaning towards Latavius or Charles, but I can’t decide.

I say charles. He is anderson is main back and booker is getting more touches. Still a chance murray is decent given volume is about half and half with mckinnon

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The volume is a good argument. I’ve got McKinnon too, so having my own handcuff is maybe a plus too. I just saw Charles make some big plays that got called back last week, it’s hard to let go!