Who would you drop? Very hard

I have to drop someone for kicker… who would it be?

TE: Kelce
WR: K. Allen, D. Adams and G. Tate
RB: Zeke and Shaquon
QB: Rivers


Cousins or rivers

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I would be more inclined to drop Corey Davis… he has only shown up once this year.

QB - much easier to stream


Connor is only going to have 3 more weeks of value, despite those being an extremely valuable 3 weeks shrugs

I would say debatable on his performance… after week one he has struggled.

I’m not dropping C. Davis, I might even start him this week

Which one would you drop doe? I like the both and I like the idea of playing matchups with them

I personally would drop Corey Davis over conner. Then again, the titans are playing the bills…

Can you not flip Burton and another player for an upgrade for someone hurting at TE? Not opposed to dropping Burton as his target volume is low but TEs have a lot of value right now with all of the injuries.

Yea I was trying that… will keep looking

Burton > Cousins > Rivers

All easy drops. No idea why you’re holding 2 QBs and 2 TEs (when you have Kelce) in an 8 man league. Makes no sense to me. You’ve probably missed out on 4 weeks of really good waiver wire pick ups setting fire to 2 roster slots.