Who would you drop?

Have to stream a QB this week. Who would you drop to pick up a QB?

Chris Thompson
James Connor (I own Lev Bell)
Buck Allen
Terrance West

Depending on what qbs are available , but I’d prolly drop Thompson if you’re able to get palmer or smith

Would lean towards Thompson and then Conner.

Is it a PPR league? If so then I would drop Connor. I think your chances of being able to pick him back up afterward would be pretty good. How many teams are in your league?

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Connor or Allen. Allen probably makes the most sense because you’ll never start 2 Ravens backs and you’ll never start Allen over West.

PPR - I have a really low waiver priority in the 12 team. So if Lev gets hurt I have no shot at Connor. I suppose I’m S.O.L. Regardless if Lev goes down!

Yeah I think I would drop Connor and take my chances of being able to get him back later. Unless Bell goes down this Sunday you would be able to drop your backup QB and pick Connor back up if you wanted. All of the other guys that you mentioned are guys that you could use in your lineup right now if you needed to, even Thompson. Connor, on the other hand, needs an injury to Bell to become usable