Who would you keep 10 team standard

Who would you keep. We get 1 keeper 5th-15th rds 2wr 2rb and 1flex wr/rb/te. This is a standard league, my options are narrowed to these.
-Joe Mixon in the 5th rd
-Alex Collins in the 15th rd
-Dion Lewis in the 15th rd
-Kenyon Drake in the 15th rd
-Marlon Mack in the 15th rd
-Zack Ertz in the 9th rd

I was leaning Joe Mixon with a potential break out year coming up, but with Joe Mixon and Alex Collins being ranked back to back 17th and 18th respectivly is Alex Collins the better value and is he a relyable starter this year? Where would you guys lean with these options. Thanks for any helpful input/insight.

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I prefer drake over Collins, so I would narrow it down to mixon and drake. I am a fan of mixon and am neutral on drake, but drake in the 15th has good value. You can get a player of similar value in the 5th as mixon, but the only way you get the value of drake is getting lucky on a flier pick, so I would pick drake.


Mixon is for sure my favorite player in the mix. but the value on Collins is really good.

Since you are still getting value on Mixon, I’d grab him.


Miami should be a slow motion train wreck this year as might Cincinnati. In that case go Mixon. I’m high on Collins but with caveats. When do you need to decide? If it’s before week 3 of the preseason I’d go Mixon. If you can wait until you see what Baltimore is doing, stall. Upside is if Jackson lights up camp and/or Flacco steps on a Lego or something go Collins. If Dixon beats out Collins then easy choice.

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@Boiler13 Dixon isn’t going to beat out Collins, that ship has sailed. Collins showed how effective he could be last year. I think he was like RB10 or something for like 6-8 weeks somewhere in the middle of the season.

@Warmanjk5 are you not required to play a TE? If you are, Ertz in the 9th is a solid value too. Arguably the 2nd best TE in fantasy and on the reigning Super Bowl team that didn’t change a whole lot from last year in terms of personnel. I’d personally be torn between Mixon and Ertz because on the one hand, you got the potential for an RB1 for a 5th round pick and on the other hand, you have a “set it and forget it” TE for a 9th round pick and you’d eliminate the headache of trying to guess which TE won’t crap the bed each week.

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With only 1 keeper, I’d maximize value. Only 12 guys are off the board. Next to nothing. Meaning either you keep one of the Top 12 overall guys (almost regardless of round), or you do your best to keep somebody very late. That knocks out Mixon for me. (In the 5th round, you’re still getting very valuable (starting) assets. …Versus Round 15, where you’d otherwise be drafting a lottery ticket, handcuff, or kicker.)

And since you don’t have to start a TE, Ertz ranks the #33 Overall Flex player last year, so that’s not super valuable. It’s a good value, not great.

Then it’s a matter of confidence with the 4 RBs.

Mack looked super promising going into last year with a pretty decent Sparq score, but was tempered by an awful O-Line and playing behind Gore. Both of those issues have been dealt with.

Drake is on (what’s supposed to be) a terrible team this season. And now it’s his turn to play beside Gore. Who will undoubtedly be the QB12 this season. And as much as it’s his job to lose… he’ll still share time with Gore, and that won’t be that much of a better (overall) opportunity than last year, since his timeshare with Ajayi only lasted part of the season. Kind of a net-even for me.

Dion is a complete question mark. He’s healthy (yay!). He’s on a new team (boo). He’s traditionally a 1st & 2nd Down back (yay)… who might be asked to take the 3rd down role (boo). The team should be much improved (yay)… but with two very talented backs to share time between (boo). Etc. Makes me more confident in Marriatoo than either of the RBs.

Alex Collins is like the most boring name possible. Unless your name is Paul Perkins. But, he proved himself last year with 1150+ total yards on an underwhelming Baltimore offense. And he only had 6TDs. All of that seems very repeatable with pretty decent upside. And that’s with him as the RB21 last year.

Summary: COLLINS pretty much guarantees you your RB2 in the 15th round. Nobody else on that list offers that kind of combined value, security and upside.


IMHO it is Collins without hesitation. Plus, if you are wrong, you lose a 15th? Who cares at that point. But I think he returns at least something, if not a whole lot of something. I have liked him since coming into the league and to my eye, he just did in BAL what he had been doing through college. I do not view it as a ‘surprise’ as many seem to think. He is a talented back. At worst he hits RB3, not bad for 15th round, and at best he pushes fringe RB1. And to follow up on @getmadboy not only did he do it in a limited number of weeks, he moved to that team mid-season. So he did what he did while learning a new playbook and offense. That is no easy task.

I believe Mixon is a fine value, but not a steal in the 5th. I think you could potentially just grab him there in the draft anyway. Drake IMO is going to be a trap play. I really like the kid, do not get me wrong, but they made some moves this season that have me a bit skeptical, plus the squad looks to be a train wreck. I am staying wide of that mess except for maybe Stills in the lates. I think everyone else you can get in your draft if you want and not feel bad for where you get them. Lewis is interesting, but I think Collins is the biggest upside for draft position and it is not even close in my mind.

I hope this helps some!


Thank you to everyone who took time to send me a reply, Lots of great feedback by everyone thanks. @Boiler13 Mr_Butterface We are required 1 te with additional 1 flex wr/rb/te It was nice getting that 10+ pts a weeks from Ertz last year, Mr. consistant when not concussed last year, not sure if he can get the same td numbers this year though.

I’m torn between mixon, Collins, and Ertz. You guys have helped me kind of eliminate Drake because of the team and all the questions in miami, Drake looked soooo goood though in those 5 weeks probably a trap play is right though.

octoberland, Mr_ButterFace I wish Harbaugh made Collins a 3 down monster hes got the talent he would be my pick hands down for a 15th rd value, but to many secrets with the ravens with no pot commitment on the ravens part to play Collins even though the talant is undenyable. 15th rd value for Collins makes him pretty much tied with mixon for me because bengals player persional said in late febuary “mixon is gonna be our bell cow” that quote has me torn up because bell cow is like wholly grail in fantasy and would be worth the differance in round 15th for collins and 5th for mixon if hes the bell cow right? That is like unless injury or horrible play which can’t get much worse then last year for bengals basically making mixon an rb1 almost guranteed right?. What do you guys make of that quote about mixon being bengals bell cow?

@Bryan @getmadboy Mixon has the talent to be great but he needs more confidance and i think he will have it this year after a year of being the most hated draft pick maybe ever and hated rookie all year maybe this year he feels that heavy weight leave a bit from his shoulders plus a full year of off season work and learning playbook knowing hes the man/bell cow less stress, which the same can be said about Collins minus the bell cow part hes(collins) also coming back after a full off season of work. ugghhhh man it’s tough, I know alot of people still dont like mixon but i dont think it will wear him down on his confidence this year like it obviously did last year he played timid it seemed at times unsure of his ability. I think hes out to prove something this year with his talant that can be powerful.
That’s why Its so close between collins and mixon for me, but i might be putting to much weight on coach speak and intangibles it could be all bullish I guess since it’s still off season, I wish they made Collins there “Bell Cow” it would be so easy for me.

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No solid time table yet for deadline on keeper pick choice buy commish is thinking in mid june to early july time. I’ll try to get him to extend but i’m just 1 vote.

I am pretty much dead even between Collins, Mixon because of the overwhelming Collins support based on value at 15th rd pick, but man it’s close for me, if i can trade Drake for a 5th or 6th rd pick, We have a guy in our league who loves alabama players, i’m trying to trade drake to him for a 5th possibly 6th rd pick to make my mixon keeper pick basically a 15th rd value, Or my Collins pick an extreme value with 2 5th rders but he is on the fence and doesn’t want to do anything that might help anyone elses team out even though he wants drake haha.

Sorry I jacked up the tagging, I’m new here and tryed to tag everyone who replyed if i missed you sorry i ment to tag you. I need to dominate this year, I’m new here but have been watching the footballers since 2016 though when I did win the title. Thank you very much again to everyone who spent the time to reply, This decision is haunting my dreams. lol. Literally though. It’s crucial I need to dominate these guys again. I took 5th last year and won the ship in 2016, I work with all these guys and need to crush them agian like in 2016 again this year.

To me it is between Collins & Drake in the 15th due to value. Mixon is the best player & Ertz in the 9th is good too but getting a starting RB in the 15th can be huge.


I can get that, but coaches lie all the time. Something said that early / late (depending) in a season does not mean much to me. I look at what I saw on the field. I am by no way saying do not take Mixon. I think he is a fine talent at that spot, but I do not feel like that is value. That is right (or close to) market value. As @Grimmer notes the values are Collins or Drake in the 15th. That is crazy late for RBs that (barring injury) will put up points for you. That is like DST/K territory for roster creation. That is why I lean into Collins. I like his situation better than Drake, but that is just me. Either of those guys would be happy additions to my dynasty team. I tried to get both but got out-bid on one.

In this case there is not really a lose, but you gain significant value by taking Collins / Drake in the 15th. To me, it sounds like you are personally in on Mixon so go with that guy. In the 5th, you hope for depth but it should not make / break your team. That is where the start of the ‘dark horse’ rounds begin and it is just who you like better. If Mixon makes you feel better, do that. In the end, it is your team and you want to root for your guys. Sucks winning with ‘names’ and rules winning with ‘you guys’ :wink:

Does that ramble make any sense?


Octoberland, @Grimmer Yeah, That makes good sense. Thanks. I’m going to keep Collins most likely, but I am high on Mixon this year for sure for a break out. I’m looking to trade drake away for a possible 4th or 5th rd pick this year, keeping fingers crossed right now. Then I can hopefully get Mixon in the 3rd and have 2 possible 4ths or 5ths to add some stud depth but yeah with Collins in the 15th that is massive value for a everyweek starter. I’m going to go that way barring any major announcements to sway either way.

Do you think Collins is at worst an awesome flex play everyweek?

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He should be, but he has the chance to be a respectable RB2 as well.

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