Who would you keep/Drop


RB - C Carson, D Montgomery, C Thompson
WR - C Kirk,

Keep all of them but Thompson is the most droppable

Over D Mont??

Just double–checking…cuz needing to stream DST for next week, and already have D Mont in for TB in the WW tonight. So…in other words…you’d go with holding onto D Montgomery over Thompson?

In a word…yes. I would not drop any of them. Package trade for something to get open up a slot then pick up a defense.

Prob is…my League is Hell to trade with. No bites. So no choice but to drop somebody to stream DST for next week with BUF on BYE!!! GRRRR!!!

Coming down to the wire here for WW. :cold_sweat:

ok y’all…thinking I should swap out C Thompson for D Mont to drop. No choice…have to drop one no trade option (read above). Yes???



Most recent feedback is to hold on to D Mont and drop C Thompson. Fixin’ to shut down…so…sending out a last SOS y’all before pulling the trigger and just hoping for the best this week!!! Just went 1-3!!! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: