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Who would you keep? RBs/WRs


Need to pick 2 keepers out of the following 4. Just straight up keepers, no replacement of draft picks. 12 team league, 1/2 PPR. Appreciate any help or advice!

Ezekiel Elliot
Michael Thomas
Dez Bryant
Todd Gurley



Zeke and Thomas without hesitation.


Zeke and Thomas, also without hesitation.


Zeke and Thomas, only with the ever slightest of hesitation (mostly just wanted to be different).


Oh man, I kept going back and forth on Dez/Gurley because I thought it was keep 3. This is pretty straightforward with Zeke and Thomas. If Zeke gets a 6 game ban, then go Gurley and Thomas.


Thanks for the advice guys! I was leaning Zeke Thomas and you have helped reassure me. Appreciate it!