Who would you keep?! Too Many Options!

Having trouble trying to decide who to keep for the upcoming season.

In the league we keep 3 players and you lose the draft pick in the round that matches the players keeper value. Pretty standard 0.5PPR league with 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, 1D/ST.

Were in the process of selecting draft spots so I don’t know which exact pick I’ll have, but itll be somewhere between 7 and 12.

The guys I’m really debating between are:

  • Stefon Diggs
  • Tyreek Hill
  • Deshaun Watson
  • Kenyan Drake
  • Cooper Kupp


I’m tempted to say Watson Drake Kupp. Having three startable players in your lineup and all your single digit round picks is a huge advantage. 4th rounder for Diggs is in the good value but could maybe get him anyway in some drafts range. If you believe in Diggs upside swap him for Kupp in there, but there’s something to be said for getting a WR3 for basically nothing as there are gems to be found in the 4th round.

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Yep… If you believe in diggs go diggs… You aren’t getting much of a discount… He is going the 3.11 right now… But i think it’s nice to have him locked up as your 4th rounder.

If I’m not in love with diggs.

Hill for a 9th
Watson for 11th
Kupp for a 14th

Are all great value…
If i swaped out 1 for diggs it would be Watson… I don’t like keeping TE or QBs much.

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Who the hell is Sam Ficken? lol

I would go Diggs, Hill, Watson.

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I’m normally not a fan of keeping QBs either, but Watson seems like a guy who can win you a few weeks with huge games throughout the season.

Diggs isnt a great value, but since this is a 12 team keeper there’s 36 guys being kept so Diggs could end up being the 7th players drafted (not including keepers). So in that regard it seems like more of a discount because if i didnt keep him and wanted to draft him i’d most likely have to spend a first round pick on him.

he’s a kicker. Went to my alma mater and picked him up after zurlein went down.

I like the idea of having one player at different positions to keep, but I’m iffy on Drake. Maybe I just need to read up on him more.

Diggs, Watson, Drake

I’m really high on Diggs this year, his per game scoring floor is as a WR1 in my opinion.

Watson in the 11th is fantastic value, you can add a 2nd QB late as insurance, but his ceiling is monstrous.

Drake in the 11th is great value. I don’t think Gore does much to his value; Ballage may chew into the passing game, but this is .5 ppr so I think it’s unlikely to cause much change in his performance.

Keep in mind that with 30 players off the board, you have to adjust your overall rankings to reflect where players would go with a shallower player pool. I predict Drake goes end of 2nd, early 3rd in keeper leagues like this.

EDIT: if you don’t like the value at 4 with Diggs, Hill would be my 2nd choice. I love him in the 9th.

Well crap… I didn’t note the rounds and Watson/Drake are a conflict… this changes everything. I’d probably keep Watson if I can’t keep em both, and keep Diggs and Hill, and throw a bunch at RBs early.

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Hill, Drake and Kupp

I believe those three options offer the best value - especially in a 12 team league. I am a Watson fan; however, you can always get great QB value late in drafts.