Who would you offer to target Cook or Jones?

I am a bit overloaded on RB, so thinking I could offer a package to either the Cook or Jones owner.

I have Jacobs, Chubb, Carson, Robinson, Montgomery, Edmonds (temp), Scott (temp).

Would something like Jacobs or Carson + Monty be enough/fair? Or too much?

Cook owner also has Gurley, Freeman, and Bell.
Jones owner also has Williams, Ekeler, and B. Hill

So both are super shallow at RB except for mostly their one big player.

Standard league.

Are you in a 4 person league?

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10-person hah

You’re going after a player who just had like 50 points. To get cook you will definitely have to offer that at a minimum. I wouldn’t be surprised if he rejects the offer though. I’d probably give him the choice for cook.

AJ I don’t really know how to gage cause he’s awesome when he’s in there but williams has looked pretty good and is well respected/liked by the team. Not sure if he’s made a case for more touches.

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I miss read the beginning lol.
I thought you said you had cook and jones on your roster.
Jones could be the easier one to get with the injury but he still has a time share with Williams every week taking touches away.

Yeah, I offered Jacobs and Monty to the Cook owner, kicking the tires to see what happens.

Yeah I was going to trade Henry straight up for Cook Sunday morning before the games. I chickened out abs after that game, I realized my window immediately closed.

I would generally say that Cook, Kamara, CMC are untouchable. At least for the league I’ve played in, I’ve never seen a trade go through for these guys, so I don’t know what it’d take.

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To get Cook and Kamara, you will need to pay a King’s ransom to get. Even then, I personally would not give up Cook or Kamara for any trade.

I don’t even know if CMC is worth it this season. Kamara/saquon we’re pretty bad after that injury for a while. Also, CMC lost kyle Allen who was a check down machine. I still think he has a lot of value just not so sure if it’s too 2-3 rb value

My main point is that the top guys are generally untouchable in my experience. You’d need a massive haul to get these guys. And it’s virtually impossible to buy them after a 40 pt week

The issue with Kamara and Barkley last year, was they came back way too early. CMC has been out 6 weeks, they came back after 3-4 weeks last year.

I do agree that CMC will not get the passing work he did last year. However, he does have 9 targets in the 2 games he has played. That isnt as amazing as last year, but it isnt terrible either.

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