Who would you pick

Hey guys, I have the 3rd pick in my draft PPR keeper. who would you take. Zeke, Gordon, or Barkley. I have Kamara and Julio. Thanks footclan.

I would take Zeke out of those three.

Zeke then Barkley then Gordon.

Zeke > Saquon > Gordon

thats tough between Zeke and Barkley, cant go wrong either way

I like Gordon best in PPR than the other two. After that the question is about future keepers. Although speculative, Barkley has better long term value. So if you’re keeping the RB past this year i lean Barkley. Zeke is great, but eventually that line falls apart and his value will be less in coming years.

Zeke > Barkley > Gordon. Regardless of format.

COuld make an argument for Gordon over Barkley if you want to play it safe.