Who would you rather drop? (need to stash a defense)

Std league. I need to stash a defense for playoffs, who would you rather drop:

DJ Moore
C Sutton
T Smith
S Ware (Hunt owner)
C Davis

Who are all your WRs?

WRs: Hopkins, Edelman, DJ Moore, C Davis, T Smith, C Sutton
RBs: Hunt, Chubb, Lindsay, J Adams, S Ware

How many RBs do you start? Honestly, would you ever see yourself playing Ware over Chubb or Lindsay? Possible flex over Adams or a 3rd WR but that’s tough.

I’m just stashing Ware in case Hunt goes down or benched, but I need to stash a defense for sure and couldn’t figure out who to drop.

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Right I get that, but if Hunt does go down, are you playing Ware over Chubb or Lindsay? If he’s not making your starting lineup even with Hunt out, there’s no need to stash him imo.

Ware could possibly be a flex if Hunt stops playing, so I would drop Sutton

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Corey Davis for me. Way too much inconsistency

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Definitely don’t drop ware. Drop any of those bottom rung WRs. They aren’t going to make it into your line up w/o byes. Sutton, smith and Moore are all interchangeable.

I’d play him over Lindsay in same match up and probably over chubb. Ware has been looking great in his limited snaps. Ware is legit IMO