Who would you rather have as your RB2 in PPR?

After a few mocks I have the chance to get swift, jacobs, or edmonds as my RB2 in the 5th round of a 10 tm PPR league (ESPN mocks). Who should I take in my draft tonight for my RB2?

I don’t really love any as an RB2. Much prefer one as an RB3 and I think in 10 team you could get two of them most likely one and Edmonds.

My preference is for Swift then Jacobs though.

Ugh. I don’t really like any of them, but if that’s all you have to choose from, I guess I’d go with Swift.

There are usually three better options right around that same ADP range in Gus Edwards, Damien Harris, and Mike Davis though…

At the 3 spot in a draft, I’m usually able to get kamara as my RB1, then jacobs/swift/edmonds as my RB2, Gaskin/Montgomery as my RB3, and Harris and Mostert as my RB4 and 5. I’m also kind of surprised to hear that all 3 of those guys aren’t good RB2 options tho, even tho Jacobs finished as the RB8 last year, edmonds will get a lot of work, and swift almost all of the work. they’re also ranked RB16, 18, and 19 for the footballers, respectively.

I personally don’t really like any of their situations.

Swift is likely on a pretty bad team and Jamaal Williams will in my opinion get more touches than any Swift owner will be comfortable with.

Jacobs I think is in a similar situation. I don’t think the Raiders will be good. He doesn’t or hasn’t had enough third down involvement to ever really feel that he was a huge hit of a drsft selection.

Finally Edmonds is the wildcard. If he gets lots of touches his value could be massive. But I’m really not convinced he will. I don’t expect Conner to be incredible but I think he will be a huge cap on what Edmonds can do.

Appreciate the takes man!

I’m kind of surprised that Montgomery is available that late–and that the three guys you list would be going before him. I don’t think that reflects any known ADPs, so I’d be curious where you’re drafting.

And what are you doing, taking nothing but RBs the first 5 rounds? Harris has a 5th round ADP and Mostert a 6th.

A lot has changed since then. The Raiders brought in Kenyan Drake in the offseason… Jacobs has missed several practices now, for “undisclosed, non-injury related reasons”… then they sign Peyton Barber when he was cut by Washington…

Looks pretty sketchy at the moment.

Until the Cardinals figure out that Edmonds (like Andre Ellington before him) is not built to be a lead back, and James Conner’s old RB coach from Pittsburgh the year that he posted 1470 and 13 (who is now the RB coach of the Cardinals) decides to make Conner the lead RB instead.

Nah, they’re in love with Jamaal Williams for some reason.

Hm all valuable information for sure. And i’m mock drafting on ESPN. This is how my first 9 picks went; Kamara, Ridley, Jefferson, Lockett, Jacobs, Gaskin, Jeudy, Harris, Mostert.

Re: Jacobs, I was mainly just highlighting what Jacobs is capable of.

Re: Edmonds, I didn’t know that about the RB coach, that’s super interesting. I realize the cards won’t give edmonds the goal line work and he’ll mainly work between the 20’s, I just think he’s a top 20 back in PPR formats.

Re: Swift, that’s a good point and it’s really hard to trust a Detroit RB. I’ve got him in one league as my RB2 I think that’s enough stock in him this season haha.

If you can get an RB group of Kamara, Montgomery and one of them as RB3 then I’m feeling much happier about the roster. I’d beware site ADP a little there as I definitely expect Montgomery to be gone at least in the same range as these guys if not before them

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Right I completely agree. I’ve been mocking and playing on Sleeper all summer and one of my buddies reached out to me saying he needed one more player for his league on ESPN so i’ve been mocking on there and the ADP on there is wild. I definitely like montgomery over all of those guys too cause he easily has the best chance to be an RB1 this szn.

Haven’t done anything on ESPN this year, but is that recent? I mean, back before the Cam cut and the Michel trade, Harris might have been an 8th round pick–but in the last couple of weeks he’s been more like a 5th-rounder on Yahoo and RTSports. And Mostert in the 9th is about two to three rounds later than his ADP that I’m used to, as well.

So if that’s current, I guess ESPN is the place to draft RBs.

Ya that mock was done a couple of hours ago. Which I have no idea how those RB’s are falling that late lol

Another quick question for you brotha. I did another one at the 10 spot and took montgomery as my RB3, but then I had to pick between allen robinson and ceedee lamb as my WR1. Allen Robinson is as safe as a low end WR1 as they come, but the ceedee hype and breakout potential is reallllll. You think it’s a bad call to have the 2 best bears on the same fantasy team, or just go with ceedee as the WR1 and open up the upside from week to week.

I would go with CeeDee anyway.

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