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Who would you rather have on your roster?

.5 PPR Dynasty

Christian Kirk or Marquise Brown?

So the WR1 on a high scoring team or the WR2 on a hopefully high scoring team?

Brown by a mile

I’m on the Kirk side…Deandre is now pulling double coverage in that offense…kirk will have the opportunity to be a top secondary target, the tyler boyd position when AJ Green has been healthy…

@EzPz is right in that Brown is the WR1 but the Ravens don’t through even close as much to the WR position in general (last year 43%, tied for 2nd lowest in the league) and the Cardinals through the most (last year 69.8%, literally the highest in the league). Hopkins is going to draw a lot of those targets obviously but the Ravens just aren’t going to be a high volume passing offense. Kirk will probably be more consistent on a week to week basis and Brown will almost certainly have higher blow up games. I’d probably still go with Brown in a vacuum but it kinda depends on what you need risk-wise.